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Piercings, tattoos & me…

I’ve always loved the concept of body modification. Not to be rebellious, or make a statement or anything like that. For me, getting a new piercing or tattoo is an intensely personal process – and one that I don’t take … Continue reading

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Introducing Yellow Door Garden Art

Hi everyone! My husband made this video as a school project, and it showcases my mom’s amazing art business. The company is called Yellow Door Garden Art (YDGA), but her pieces can be used anywhere to decorate a home, cottage, … Continue reading

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Top five gallery experiences

I’ve always loved art. Paintings especially have always held my interest, and it was the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movement specifically that first drew me into the art world. The soft colours of Monet’s Water Lillies, the vivid swirls of Van Gogh’s Starry … Continue reading

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Montmartre (from ‘The Europe Collection’)

The streets are narrow and winding. The hills are treacherous in places. The neighbourhood has a collective pulse, and the crowd moves together like a heartbeat. Merchants heckle unsuspecting tourists. Enticing smells permeate the air; crepes, éclairs, lattes, wine. Everything … Continue reading

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Hopfgarten (from ‘The Europe Collection’)

In the Tyrolean Alps of Austria, I am on a bike, pedalling down a path that is surrounded by lush, green fields, rolling hills, picturesque houses, and other, determined cyclists. To the top of Hohe Salve Mountain I struggle with … Continue reading

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Roma (from ‘The Europe Collection’)

I’m Audrey Hepburn. It’s a Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck’s missing, but there are enough Giovanni’s and Giorgio’s around to satisfy that craving if the moment arrives. Cannelloni, Ravioli. It’s nice the names are the same in English. I was worried … Continue reading

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Firenze (from ‘The Europe Collection’)

I’m surrounded by garbage. I didn’t discover there was a sanitation strike until after my opinion of the city had been soiled. It’s hot and muggy. The man standing in front of me obviously hasn’t showered in a very long … Continue reading

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