Discovering Michelle Moran

I’ve recently started reading books by author Michelle Moran, and I love her work so much I had to blog about it.

Moran is a historical fiction writer from the USA and a dedicated world traveller. I just checked out her website, and she’s also young. Like, around my age young. I really need to get writing…

Anyway, I started by reading Madame Tussaud, an account of the young wax maker’s life during the French Revolution. It’s written from the perspective of Tussaud, but includes accounts of some of the key players from the revolution – Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Robespierre, Lafayette, etc…

I had no idea how connected Tussaud was to the royal family. I also didn’t realize she was the one who made death masks of famous guillotine victims, or that she almost succumbed to the same fate herself. It’s a fantastic book. Read it.

Next, I read The Second Empress, which chronicles the marriage of Marie Louise of Austria to Napoleon – along with his subsequent downfall. The perspectives in this book shifted a bit, and while Marie was the main focus, we also heard the opinions of other important characters, including Pauline (Napoleon’s sister) and Paul (Pauline’s chamberlain).

I also found the details in this book to be fascinating. I knew Napoleon was eccentric, but didn’t realize the extent. Moran conducted meticulous research to ensure she portrayed certain events correctly, and she even went as far as to include actual excerpts from letters. Again, I highly recommend reading this book.

Next on my list is Cleopatra’s Daughter, which – I think – is about the children of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. I can’t wait…


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