A birthday to remember

Last week, my husband turned 30.

Usually, we’re pretty quiet about birthdays, and choose to have small dinner celebrations with family. No huge parties or over-the-top gatherings.

This year, as usual, Jeff was up for dinner but didn’t want much else. I agreed, and planned a dinner at his favourite restaurant. We invited close family and friends, and ended up with a group of about 14 people. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

I really wanted to do something special though, because you only turn 30 once.

A few years ago, Jeff’s best friend Jon moved to Toronto. This was hard for both of them, because they were so close and shared such a special friendship. We get to see Jon about once a year, but as you can imagine, it’s never enough.

So, Jon and I started talking and plotting, and we arranged for him to secretly fly to Winnipeg. We didn’t tell anyone – not even our closest friends. Then, Jon casually sauntered into the restaurant after we all were seated and surprised BOTH Jeff and our other friends.

It was perfect. Jeff was actually stunned into silence, which is an emotion I’ve never seen from him before. As soon as the realization his best friend flew to Winnipeg for his birthday sunk in, he was elated.

We all had an amazing night, and went back to our house to party. There was backyard snowboarding, a bonfire, music playing and two special birthday cakes made by another very talented friend of ours. It was exactly what I was hoping to be able to give him for this milestone birthday.

The way I see it, life is short. Take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate.

Happy birthday, my love ❤







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    Hey everyone, check out my wife’s blog post about my 30th Birthday, she made it so special and fun.

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