The art of the ambidextrous blow dry

I’ve recently ramped up my weight training, because winter is coming and I want to be able to shovel without pulling something. As I’ve been doing more lifting, I’ve been noticing that my left arm is significantly weaker than my right.

So, I started focussing on my left arm during each training session in the hopes that left and right would gradually balance out.

Well, they haven’t. And yesterday morning, I figured out why.

It’s easy to underestimate just how heavy a blow dryer is when you’re using one every day. I hate to admit it, but I have probably been blow drying my hair since junior high. When you really start to think about it, that’s a LOT of standing in one spot with your arm over your head…

… and in my case, with my RIGHT arm over my head.

Yep, that’s right. I have developed an intense blow dryer muscle in only one arm. I’m assuming this is likely a problem many other women face, but it’s ridiculous.

My plan to improve my teeny left arm is to blow dry my hair going forward with ONLY the left. No right-handed drying for me. At least until I start to see some results, and then I will move forward using both arms.

I attempted this for the first time this morning, and I’m embarrassed to admit it was really tough. Ambidextrous blow drying is not for the faint of heart – or the weak-armed, evidently.

I’m going to keep at this for a while, but it’s anyone’s guess whether or not it will make a difference. Maybe I should just go back to my free weights…



About Amanda Hope

Communications professional. Book lover. History nerd. Runner. Tea drinker. Musician. Proud 'Pegger.
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2 Responses to The art of the ambidextrous blow dry

  1. Amanda's Mom says:

    I found that I developed my left (non-dominant) arm oh so many years ago, when I had a baby – lugging that child around with my left arm while doing things with my right. Thanks, Amanda, for helping me to develop my left bicep – at least for a few years!

  2. Amanda Hope says:

    No problem! That’s what babies are for, right? 🙂

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