A look back on a summer of running

The leaves are slowly changing from green to gold, which means my summer of running outside is coming to a close.

I will definitely attempt winter running this year, but I’m going to miss the sunshine and warmth that go along with a great summer run. Not to mention the green landscapes, the flowers and the dozens of other people outside doing the same.

But before closing the door completely on my first summer as an outdoor runner, I want to take a look back at some of the places I’ve been lucky enough to explore while tracking my weekly miles. Enjoy!

King’s Park

I’ve talked about it before, but this quiet park is close to my house and absolutely beautiful. While running there this summer I have come across weddings, engagement and maternity photo sessions, one proposal and many happy people sharing picnics on patchwork blankets.

doubple shot with bridge

winding pathway

University of Manitoba

Also close to home, I love running through the university grounds. Filled with people, interesting buildings to look at and – usually – groomed pathways, it is well-lit, peaceful and offers both a bathroom and water… which are very important when out for a longer run. This is also the campus where I spent my first post-secondary years, so it offers a bit of nostalgia too.

U of M building

St. Vital Walking Path

When I’m really looking to go all out on a long run, this is one of my favourite places to head. Located along a major road, this new-ish walking path is paved and slightly shielded from the elements by trees. It’s also close to a number of amenities, which is a plus (see the water/bathroom note above). The only downside is that it isn’t very well lit, which makes evening runs a bit of a challenge.

St. Vital Pathway

Oak Hammock Marsh

Until recently, I was privileged to work at this beautiful marsh. Located about 20 kilometers outside the city, it was a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The marsh features numerous boardwalks and pathways that are just perfect for a runner. I loved running at the marsh so much that I wrote a short article about it for our company’s magazine. Check it out here.

oak hammock marsh

Lake Winnipeg

I love running close to home, but honestly, nothing can beat the wide-open spaces and picturesque roadways at Lake Winnipeg. This is where our family cottage is located and where I was able to spend a few weekends this summer. You never know what you will see when going for a run out at the cottage.

Lake Winnipeg

I’ll definitely let you know how fall running shapes up, along with what I decide about running outdoors in the winter. Some people swear by it; others think the concept is insane. I’m somewhere in the middle… for now…


About Amanda Hope

Communications professional. Book lover. History nerd. Runner. Tea drinker. Musician. Proud 'Pegger.
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2 Responses to A look back on a summer of running

  1. Amanda's mom says:

    Lovely pictures, but how did you mange to take such focused ones while jogging in place??!! LOL

  2. Amanda Hope says:

    HA! You know, I did refuse to stop mid-run to take photos for the first few months of spring/summer. Then, I realized I was missing out on so many great shots!

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