My toast to the bride

My best friend was married in a beautiful ceremony. As the maid of honour, I was asked to speak. Here is my speech…

Good evening everyone!

It‘s an honour to be here to celebrate Ashton and Jamie with all of you today.

Weddings are always a time of joy, but this wedding is special to me because one of my favourite people has married her love.

I am privileged to have known Ashton for the past five years.

For those of you who don’t know the story, we met at Red River College where we took the same communications program.

We basically became instant friends, and as we worked through two difficult years of school together that friendship grew and grew.

By the time Ash and I graduated, we had become so in sync with each other that we could actually get up in front of a group of people and make up complete presentations from start to finish on the spot without preparing a word ahead of time. We finished each other’s sentences and we naturally picked up on each other’s cues.

That isn’t something that just happens, or happens to just anyone. So I guess the moral of the story there is that my friendship with Ashton is something truly special.

When school ended, I think we both actually went through withdrawal. I know I sure did. You really get used to having someone around when they are always there, so it took me awhile to adjust to not seeing her every day.

But I didn’t need to worry. As we both moved forward with new jobs, new homes and other life changes, we kept our relationship strong and always made time for each other. I’m so happy to be able to say that this girl is my best friend and the closest I will ever come to having a sister – which is one reason why I’ve been asked to speak about her today.

So… what can I tell you about this beautiful and wonderful woman?

When I think about Ashton, the first word that comes to mind is strong. And I’m not talking about strength like she’ll punch you out if you mess with Jamie’s truck strength… I’m talking about that deep, inner woman strength that can’t be taught and can’t be learned – it just exists in the lucky few of us who possess it.

I am personally convinced that Ashton has a little bit of Superwoman in her. She can be exhausted, sick and crazy busy and still have time to pack, move, unpack, plan a fundraiser, stain a deck, plan a wedding, plan a honeymoon – and that’s all in a single week.

If she’s feeling under the weather, she sucks it up, throws on some makeup and keeps going. If you ask her if she needs help, she always responds with the typical “I’m good” and goes on to see if there is anything YOU need from HER.

Yes, Ashton definitely has some Superwoman in her and she has an inner strength unlike no one else I’ve ever met. She is passionate and she is determined, and nothing is going to stop her from reaching for the stars and achieving her dreams.

The next word that comes to mind when I think of Ashton is generous. No matter how busy she is, she will always help someone else who is in need. And that help takes so many forms – from planning and executing fundraising events for fantastic causes, to volunteering on boards and committees, to showing up at a friend’s house with a bottle of wine because that person had a bad day.

Ashton gives so much of herself to everyone else, and she does it selflessly… because that is just the kind of person she is.

Part of Ashton’s generosity is her ability to make a person feel comfortable and welcome. The best example I can give is how Ashton has welcomed me not just into her life – but also into her family.

I have gotten to know her wonderful parents, and have bonded with her sisters – which has been especially awesome because I didn’t grow up with sisters (just a brother whose hair I would try to braid).

I’ve also come to know and love her new family, which – as of today – is Jamie.

I’ve known Jamie for many years now and I have never questioned his devotion to and love for Ashton. He’s quiet with his feelings – as anyone who knows him would tell you – but actions truly do speak louder than words.

So whether he’s taking it upon himself to put snow tires on her car (so he knows she’s safe on the road), or tuning up her snowmobile (so it’s working perfectly before she hops on), I know that Jamie is going to take good care of my girl. And I know their life together will be filled with adventures, laughter and of course – lots of love.

I’d like to close with a few pieces of advice; although I have a feeling you two will make your own rules…

Say I love you every day,
never let the sun set on an argument, and
laugh together as often as you can.

I am so happy for you both and blessed to be here today, and to be along for the ride as you build your new life together.

So I’d like to raise my glass to my beautiful best friend and her husband and congratulate the new Mr. and Mrs. Kitchur.

To the bride and groom!!


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One Response to My toast to the bride

  1. Susan says:

    It was a beautiful speech given by a beautiful woman to a beautiful bride at a beautiful wedding. Beautiful!

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