Setbacks and sprints ahead

The last month has definitely been busy.

My husband Jeff and I have completely re-done our backyard, painted about 1,000 square feet of space on the main floor of our house (interior roof included) and hosted a few out of town friends for visits. I’ve also planned a bachelorette party, started work on a second book and attempted to keep up with this blog.

Like I said, there has been a lot going on. And I don’t think things are going to settle down anytime soon.

Tomorrow, I start a new job and Jeff starts two years of college. For him, the decision to go back to school was made a few years ago, so he is definitely ready. For me, the decision to switch jobs was quite sudden, and it’s pure coincidence that I’m starting on the same day as him.

I know there is going to be an adjustment period – as we both get used to taking the bus (rain or shine) and being downtown every day – but I’m excited for this new chapter to begin.

The DOWNSIDE to all of this craziness? My training for the 10-mile run I was planning for next weekend took a serious hit.

It started with a few minor injuries. I was feeling some pain in my ankle, which I’m pretty sure was a result of all the ladder climbing I was doing while painting. So, I took it easy for a week and the pain seemed to go away.

Then, the weather changed drastically and my training runs moved inside to my treadmill. This wasn’t a huge problem in itself, but running indoors is significantly less interesting that running outside. As a result, my runs were shorter and my time slower.

Finally, life got in the way. There were dinners, working weekends, family events and so on. I do love spending time with family and friends, don’t get me wrong, but the combination of everything together resulted in significantly fewer runs than I would have liked to complete.

As mentioned in the title of this blog post, the last month definitely set me back. It’s funny, though, that even the most frustrating setbacks can result in periods of reflection and readjustment, which ultimately help you become better and stronger.

I’d been running so much that I didn’t realize I was neglecting my cross training. So, Jeff and I started biking together again a few evenings a week on days when I needed a break from running or the weather wasn’t the best. This has been working great, and we’re also spending more quality time together as a couple, which is a bonus.

The cross training – and subsequent days off from running – have also helped me to improve both my endurance and overall time. I’m putting more energy into my runs because there are fewer of them, and also pushing myself to run “that extra mile” instead of packing it in after the usual four or five.

So, instead of letting the setbacks over the last month leave me feeling discouraged, I learned from them and figured out a way to turn a setback into a sprint ahead. And this paid off. A few days ago, I beat my best average time per mile. I was thrilled!


About Amanda Hope

Communications professional. Book lover. History nerd. Runner. Tea drinker. Musician. Proud 'Pegger.
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