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I forgot about Philippa Gregory…

In my haste to start a new job, help my husband get ready for school and assist in the planning of my best friend’s wedding, I neglected to resume reading the work of one of the greatest historical fiction writers … Continue reading

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The bus and me: month one

Well folks, I’ve been taking the bus to work for a month now. I promised I’d provide an update – for those of you who are genuinely curious – and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Here’s a quick roundup of … Continue reading

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The ‘Millennium Series’ by Stieg Larsson

For some reason, I didn’t hop on the ‘Millennium Series’ bandwagon when the first of the three novels – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – hit North American bookstores in 2009-2010. I think a part of me thought it was another Twilight fad, … Continue reading

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My toast to the bride

My best friend was married in a beautiful ceremony. As the maid of honour, I was asked to speak. Here is my speech… Good evening everyone! It‘s an honour to be here to celebrate Ashton and Jamie with all of … Continue reading

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My favourite music-related films

Happy Friday! Here is a lighthearted post about music films, to get the weekend going (along with a bit of history about the misician(s) featured in each one)… The Doors – I must preface this section by noting that I strongly … Continue reading

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Montmartre (from ‘The Europe Collection’)

The streets are narrow and winding. The hills are treacherous in places. The neighbourhood has a collective pulse, and the crowd moves together like a heartbeat. Merchants heckle unsuspecting tourists. Enticing smells permeate the air; crepes, éclairs, lattes, wine. Everything … Continue reading

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Facts about the tuxedo cat

A few nights ago, Jeff and I decided to research what specific breed our cat – Gideon – belongs to. He is a mostly-black cat with white paws, chest and whiskers. We’ve jokingly been calling him our “tuxedo cat,” but … Continue reading

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