Top five reasons lululemon should mail me a runsie

Recently, the lululemon “runsie” has been gaining some attention.

This new invention from Canada’s comfiest workout brand is specifically designed for runners, and features adjustable shoulder straps, a drawstring waist and light, breathable fabric. It can be worn over a separate sports bra and is supposed to keep you comfortable wherever your summer run takes you.

Right. Okay…

As a runner, this thing seems very strange to me. A one-piece running outfit? Won’t it ride up, twist around or bunch in all sorts of unpleasant places? Not to mention the fact that I’ll probably look like a fool wearing it.

But, I digress.

Curious about lulu’s latest creation, I visited my nearest lululemon store (which is still quite a hike), eager to try one on. And they we’re OUT of stock. Of course they were.

I headed home and decided to check and see what was available online. Also out of stock. Interesting.

Either the runsie is super popular and I’ve been living with my head in the sand, or the design flopped and they’ve stopped re-ordering it… but either way, I still really want to try one on and give it the proper chance it deserves.

Therefore, I have put together a list of five reasons why I feel lululemon should mail me a complimentary runsie. I feel all of them are completely valid, and I hope you enjoy…

One: I’ll write about it.
I promise to write a lengthy, detailed blog post about my experiences with the runsie, from the moment I open your generous package to the time I take it off post-run.

Two: I’ll spread the word about it.
I’ll take pictures of me wearing it in all kinds of fun places -like the wetland where I work and the grocery store -and post them on Twitter. Who doesn’t want a bit of free advertising?

Three: I’ll wear it in a race.
Even though this September will only be my third official race, it’s still a big deal to me. To show how serious I am about wanting to try a runsie, I promise to wear it for the entire race. Then, I’ll write about the race and post pictures, so I’m really adding more to reasons #1 and #2 also.

Four: You guys are fun like that.
Lululemon is notorious for out-of-the-box advertising and creative marketing. You came up with the runsie, didn’t you? So, what better way to continue being awesome than by answering my plea and sending this random Manitoba runner her very own runsie. You KNOW it would get people talking…

Five: Because the store was out of stock, and I really, REALLY want to try one on.

In conclusion, I think I’m a perfect person to test out the runsie. I’ll be fair and objective in my comments, and talk about it a lot -with photos!

So, can you mail me one lululemon? Please? I think I’m a size eight…


About Amanda Hope

Communications professional. Book lover. History nerd. Runner. Tea drinker. Musician. Proud 'Pegger.
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