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The hallway

It stretches out in front of me, cold, dark, waiting to envelop me. It represents everything I hate to be, hollow, alone, trapped and not free. I quicken my pace and stare ahead, walls, pipes, my footsteps are dead. The … Continue reading

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Manitoba’s hidden gems: Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church

Originally published December 26, 2009 A few months ago, I had another opportunity to visit the country again. I went back to my boyfriend’s farm, and this time we visited an old, unused church. We drove up to the cemetery … Continue reading

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Stress tips from the stressed

Originally published March 21, 2010 The end of my first year of CreComm is quickly coming to an end, and a small part of me is glad. I have loved every minute of my time at Red River, but I … Continue reading

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Originally published November 9, 2009 The two days I spent in the Netherlands were educational, to say the least. With the tour, we stayed in Amsterdam, but also visited the small town of Edam. Our hostel was in a seedy … Continue reading

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Must creativity equal instability?

Originally published September 14, 2009 Last week in creative writing class we were shown a clip of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love.” She was speaking about creativity, and the cost of being a creative individual. She also talked about … Continue reading

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Originally published November 6, 2009 London was incredible, and was the perfect beginning to a six-week, 10-country vacation with my brother (Chris) and my mother. Anticipating we would need lots of time to explore, I booked flights for Chris and … Continue reading

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Manitoba’s hidden gems: Marconi School

Originally published September 11, 2009 Last weekend, my boyfriend, Jeff, took me to his farm for a mini-vacation. It is located near Asessippi Ski Hill, and is roughly a three hour drive from Winnipeg. I have been there a few times, … Continue reading

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